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Although nutrition is the #1 aspect that will help you lose the baby weight, these exercises will speed up your results and help with strength and flexibility.


We all deserve a little sweet kick now and then right? Now you can curb that itch without feeling guilty or spoiling all that hard work you have done.

Milk Supply

Not producing enough milk? Don't worry, "The Hot Mom Diet" was created by two women who have 6 kids combined. We're like a milk factory over here and want to help you! 🙂

Mom Struggles

Being a mom is very hard. Do you struggle with other areas of being a mom? The founder of "The Hot Mom Diet" shares her secrets with you.

Sleep Guide

Baby not sleeping?  Get the cliff notes, where the founder of "Hot Mom Diet" shows you how she got her baby to sleep through the night at only 3 months.

Kids Lunches

If your kids are picky eaters, these recipes will keep them fueled at home and at school.